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Everything from gaming to substance abuse

Children on the Autism spectrum

Neurodiverse children across the spectrum and attendant issues

Depression & Mood Disorders

Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar and other mood disorders

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ADHD, OCD and Anxiety Issues

Attention and focus challenges, obsessive or repetitive behavior etc.

Self Harm and Crisis Services

Cutting and other self-harm, to suicidal ideation and/or attempts

Eating Disorders

Restricted eating, Bulemia, Binge Eating and other eating issues

Join a parent circle

Join a small group of parents led by an expert or
parent coach where you can confidentially share,
vent, laugh, and cry.

How it works

You need your own support network to fully support your teen. Join a group of about 8 parents who share and listen in confidence. Parent Circles are a safe space to take care of you.

Choose a time: e.g. 6-7 pm Eastern Time (EST) or 6-7 pm Pacific Time (PST)

Meeting online via Zoom

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    Topics we discuss

    Dealing with grief and guilt

    Navigating a teen's emotions as they begin a program

    Supporting siblings of a struggling teen

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    “We didn’t think I needed a parent circle until we experienced one. This is a lonely journey — even if you have great friends, they can’t really relate. Being in a group with other parents on a similar journey is both uplifting and empowerning. “

    — Beth and Nathan R.

    Expert Advice Events

    Expert speakers share tips on everything from parenting a struggling teen to the impact on the whole family and more. We are developing this series and will be adding more soon!

    Get real time advice from experts and parents.

    Upcoming Events

    & Healing

    Coming Soon
    March 2023

    Families with
    Kids in Conflict

    First Meeting
    April 3rd


    Every Saturday
    4 PM PST

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    “They always say a parent is only as happy as their least happy child. That is too true. I am here to help families learn new skills to help them begin the healing journey“

    — Expert name and title

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