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Only programs affiliated with nationally recognized organizations are included in this directory. These organizations do not generally accredit, but set standards for treatment and staff. Programs are licensed at the state level.
The best way to assess a program is to ask questions and speak with other parents. As our platform grows, we plan to add the ability for parents to review programs so that you can read the experiences of other parents. For now, reach out to the community if you have questions.


Treatment Options — What are they?

Residential Treatments

An immersive treatment program designed to help your child heal in a safe and structured setting with intensive therapeutic services.

Wilderness Programs

Outdoor experiential learning that takes teens off the grid to begin to connect with nature, with other teens, and start intensive therapy.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Similar to a more traditional boarding school but with wrap-around therapeutic services built into the educational components.

Young Adult Transition Programs

Similar to residential treatment programs or therapeutic boarding schools but for young adults age 18 – 34.

Here’s what’s good to know

Are you considering sending your child to a treatment program?

Finding a program you can trust

Questions you should ask and facts you should know as you evaluate programs.

Types of Therapy

Learn about common types of therapy for teens.

What to expect and consider

Frequently asked questions and important answers.

How to handle transitions

Information about transitions from one program to another.

Are you considering sending your child to a treatment program?


What is a TEC?
(Therapeutic Education Consultant)

Education consultants are typically licensed professionals that help parents/guardians assess whether a child would benefit from more intensive care and, if so, which program would be the best fit. They know the programs, visit them and understand what issues they specialize in treating.

Save you time, and be a trustworthy expert on your side

Spend time with your family to understand your specific needs

Find and recommend a program that is right for your family

Find a TEC

Does this all feel overwhelming? Consider hiring a TEC.


dad and teen son outdoor

"I am the parent of a son who has struggled since early adolescence with anxiety, depression and suicidal ideation. After years of therapy, and more recently, a wilderness program followed by a year at a residential treatment program, he is doing significantly better. He now has the tools he needed to help him cope and even thrive. With all the talk about mental health in this country, the scandal is the lack of resources for parents looking for help."

— Robert, parent

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